Products of the Gold and Mercury Working Group

At the Gold and Mercury Working Group meeting in Ghana, forthcoming publications were discussed.

Consensus was reached that the working group will first aim to lead the development of a technical document designed to educate governments about ASM for the UNEP mercury treaty negotiations. This is in collaboration with the Artisanal Gold Council that has agreed to lead this task. The IUGS-GEM is an official partner of UNEP's Global Mercury Partnership Program. In this work, the relevance of geoscience to the most important dimensions of ASM will highlighted. How technical aspects of ASM bear on formalization and policy strategies will also be discussed. Case studies from a minimum of three important ASM regions around the world will be used to provide current real world examples.

Material from this publication will provide the seeds for a series of publications to Episodes and other journals. Finally, a book published through the Geological Society of London with approximately fourteen chapters will be produced.